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I am a Mom with three kids living Gluten Free in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My family went GF after my oldest daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I soon realized that gluten was the cause of health issues I had suffered from for years.

I started blogging after a trip to NYC with my daughter. This was 8 years ago when “gluten” was not a household name. After spending a week doing research on where to eat GF in NYC, it seemed like such a waist to keep the information to myself, so I started the GlutenFreeMom blog.

My blog is simply about Life, Gluten Free. It includes everything from some of our favorite GF products and recipes, to talking about life a as a Gluten Free Family. I keep blogging because of the support of the GF community. My readers understand what it is like to be sick or have someone you love that is sick. They are people just like me who stand in front of the refrigerator with the door open wondering “what should I cook for dinner tonight?” It is my desire to make Life, Gluten Free easier for my readers and it is their support and encouragement that keeps me blogging.